Josselyn Levinson-Dustin is an East Bay based Pilates instructor and movement lover. She holds a BA in dance and an MFA in Performance and Choreography with an emphasis in the Alexander Technique. Josselyn began studying Pilates while dancing professionally in New York City as a way to rehab and strengthen her own body to enhance her dance career and fell in love with the work. Josselyn is certified in Mat and Apparatus Pilates through the internationally recognized Kane School of Core Integration in NYC. She has worked with clients ranging from age 12-85 with various conditions such as disc herniations, knee injuries, joint replacements, breast cancer and reconstruction, multiple sclerosis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, arthritic conditions, rotator cuff injuries, stenosis, nerve impingement and damage as well as clients who are looking for a rigorous fitness experience or dancers and athletes looking to enhance performance. Josselyn has also completed numerous continuing education courses including pre and post natal Pilates, the psoas, the hyper-mobile client, osteoporosis, the sacrum in motion and Pilates for scoliosis. Offering thoughtful, detailed and challenging Pilates sessions, Josselyn revels in teaching people how to unlock the movement potential in their own bodies regardless of limitation or injury, so each client can not only reach their fitness goals, but feel at home in their own skin.




My practice comes from 8 years of teaching Pilates for rehab and conditioning, 20 years of dance training and performance, BA in Dance and Humanities from Marymount Manhattan College, and MA in Philosophy and Religion from California Institute of Integral Studies. I received my Pilates certification in San Diego with an apprenticeship through Propel Pilates, a studio and instructor training space recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance.

My continued education includes advanced workshops on Hip and Knee // Tamara Perrine, DTP, OCS; Fascia in Motion in the Pilates Environment // Elizabeth Larkam, MS Ed, Balanced Body core faculty; and Liberate Your Shoulders // Eric Franklin, BS, BFA, founder of The Franklin Method.

By way of my knowledge and experience, I'm an expert at creating Pilates programs especially for people with spinal disc herniation, stenosis, sciatica, scoliosis, hip replacement, knee replacement, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury (pre and post surgery), and prenatal and postpartum and more.

I would say my style feels like Balanced Body meets re-hab with inspiration from embodied practices and non-dual worldviews like Kum Nye Tibetan yoga, Alchemy, and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Very much like what Clarissa Pinkola Estés means when she writes, "The body is no dumb thing from which we struggle to free ourselves. In proper perspective, it is a rocket ship, a series of atomic cloverleafs, a tangle of neurological umbilici to other worlds and experiences." (From Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Women Archetype.)




I believe movement is medicine for the body, mind and spirit.  We can heal ourselves of physical and energetic imbalances by moving with intention and self-awareness. I have directly experienced the healing benefits of my movement practice in my life.  

My first profession was practicing law. During my many years as an attorney, I turned to my movement practice manage stress and stay balanced in fast paced and often adversarial work environments. I made the decision to leave the practice of law and pursue a full time career as a movement professional. Through movement, I found the the courage to be true to myself and to make the changes necessary to build a career in alignment with my values and intent to serve my community. 

When I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, my movement practice helped me to be mentally positive and to heal quickly after surgery and cancer treatment. Today I am blessed to be cancer free.  

I love learning about the amazing and ever changing universe that we call our bodies. I currently hold certifications in Pilates, personal training, group fitness, yoga, CoreAlign and TRX. I enjoy working in both private and group class settings and have experience with shoulder, hip, knee and ankle injuries. I know how to modify movement for individuals working with osteoporosis, spinal stenosis and low back conditions. I train with women both pre and post natal and have completed specialized trainings in postural as well as foot and gait correction.  

My goal as a movement professional is to empower my clients and students to feel strong and free in their body, mind and spirit so they can live a quality life and pursue their greatest passions.