Josselyn brings to her work a dancer’s creativity, a kinesiologist’s curiosity and a well grounded sense of compassion to her work with clients. She never phones it in, but draws from her knowledge and skillful attention to provide sessions that are completely tailored and targeted to her client’s specific needs. Beyond the essential core work and Pilates methods, working with Joss I have become more and more aware of the ‘operating manual’ of how my body works and moves. She’s redefined ‘Pilates Instructor’ in my book!
— Lorrie S., Therapist

Josselyn’s teaching is superb. From the way she structures her sessions and gives each individual exercise, it is clear that she is acutely aware of her clients’ injuries, strengths, weaknesses, and specific needs throughout the class. Josselyn is able to brilliantly meet her clients where they are at, while challenging them to grow in a healthy, conscious way. I leave Josselyn’s sessions feeling completely aligned and armed with a better sense of how to take care of my injuries and body as a whole.
— Amy B. Professional Dancer, Directing MFA Candidate 

I had the good fortune to work with Joss in New York twice a week for three years. She not only helped me tone and strengthen my body but also taught me so much about anatomy. Through her extensive training in dance and Pilates, she is uniquely able to target muscles and bones and fascia you never knew you had. And you can trust her completely with your aches and your injuries! She knows exactly how to set your body on a better course. She is a treasure!
— Jackie P. Filmmaker